10 days and counting…

Until I leave for Japan! Not forever, mind you, just for a little bit. 10 days, to be precise. Beacause when I’m not blogging about dead lettuces, I do actually work (sometimes) and I’m going for a conference. I’ll be on Hokkaido, the north island, which is apparently very beautiful. The conference is in Sapporo, and then I plan to travel for a few days. And (how this for serendipity – the bloggy fairies are obviously on my side) apparently the region is really famous for it’s flowers. Poppies, lavender, all sorts of meadow flowers… I’m so excited, I’m coming over all wiggly just thinking about it. I’m hoping to catch me some of this kind of loveliness:

Has anyone out there in the bloggyland been to Japan? And more specifically to Sapporo or even Hokkaido? Can you tell me where I can find this very field? Or one like it? Or, for that matter, a good place to find cheap ramen, second-hand kimonos, yakitori stuff on a stick or a vending machine that sells used knickers? All recommendations are welcome.

Photo by Tomoyoshi on Flickr, CC BY 2.0