Where I’ve Been

Well, away, of course. Both literally, and I guess, figuratively. See, I’ve been very busy with Stuff. And Things. And even with Activities. Which is usually quite unlike me – I’m a bit more slothful, generally, but for once in my life, I can be one of those people who says “You know the last month has been just hectic” and it’s kind of true.

Let’s see what I did in the last month:

I finally finished the huge, beautiful crocheted blankie for my dear sister who lives all the way in Japan and suffers terribly from the cold. To call it a labour of love would be an understatement – I’m not sure how many balls of wool went into it, or the final cost in South African Rands, but I can tell you that an entire box-set of the West Wing was consumed in the making of this blanket:

I’d never actually crocheted anything before but somehow the spirit just moved me. After spending most of this winter knitting, and trying very hard to be a responsible lady and live with the delayed gratification that knitting expects, I just thought that something a bit more immediate was needed. So crochet it was. Plus, I just love the cosy, retro, heirloom feel that you get with crocheted things.
And, lucky for me, the online craft revolution, which I consider to be the most wonderful collision of the digital and analogue worlds, came to my rescue. Thanks to YouTube videos, and the wonderful, talented, generous Lucy over at Attic24, I managed to figure it our quite quickly, and was hooking away in a couple of days.

I just love the way this project grew, from little teeny squares that took me ages when I started, but, by the time I was nearly done were just flying off the hook:

As you can see from the yellow one, in the bottom row, I was a bit wobbly at first, and things looked a little odd. But you can see the pretty flower pattern emerging quite nicely, and by the time I was joining them into groups of four, I was feeling a bit more confident:

I didn’t really use any logic in the planning of the colour combinations – I just kind of put things that looked nice together. But I did make sure that the groups of four had matching outer colours – otherwise, with some of those oranges and purples, it would have been a bit much. All in all, I’m very chuffed with how it all turned out. And, most importantly of all, Baby Sister seems to love it, and has said that she would rather leave her passport in Japan than leave the blankie there when she packs her bags to come home. So that’s a happy thought.

I’ve also just realised that as I’ve been sitting here, putting this post together and digging through my photos, I’ve found the source that inspired the colour choices I used. Remember a couple of months ago, when I uploaded the picture of the amazing ranunculi?

Well, looking back, I think this is where it must have all begun – these three little flowers. Which makes me very happy – I love the idea that, in deep, cold Japanese winter, my dear sister will have a little splash of South African summer sunshine.

Sjoe, but this post is long. You’ll have to read the next one, to see where else I’ve been.

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5 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

  1. I have two such blankets (known as soft n warms in our family), one made by my Gran and the other I bought from a lovely old German lady at a Christmas market in Swakopmund when I was in the army a very long time ago. Both are very important blankets and in the event of a fire I would grab the cats first, my blankets second and then it would be a toss up between my Hawes watering can, my log of airline registrations that I have spotted over the years and my bulk bucket of sunblock which costs a fortune but lasts a year! Your sister is very lucky. Looking forward to the next post.

  2. Thanks for the kind words – sister seems happy with the haul, so let’s hope this blankie becomes as much a part of our family lore as yours are.
    I agree, though, I think I’d probably grab my cats first too – maybe wrap them in the blankets to kill 2 birds with one stone, but the moggies definitely get first dibs on rescue.

  3. I love your crocheted blanket. I use to crochet all of the time but have not for years. Maybe I need to do some more. It is amazing the the colors of the blanket are those of the ranunculi blooms. Very pretty colors.

  4. As one who is, shall we say, “challenged” in the fiber arts department, I can appreciate your beautiful blanket without noticing any flaws. Your sister is very lucky to have you! I love that your blanket was inspired by the ranunculus blooms, they are very cheerful.

    Christine in Alaska

  5. This is so beautiful, Rebekahn. It’s a wonderful gift that your sister will treasure forever, I’m sure of it. I do admire you for its completion – I recently became reaquainted with 100 plain green crocheted squares that have been languishing in a basket for about two years. Yes. Exactly.

    Love your road trip, too. That space is something special, isn’t it?

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