Where I’ve Been – Part 2

While making blankets might have kept me away from this blog during the winter, I can’t claim that anything as constructive has been keeping me away since then. And while I may not have been making things, I have been doing things, and I think that’s just as good an excuse, I think.

The most exciting thing was a quick trip to Berlin in mid-November. I’m lucky that the work I do does often feel like play, and that I get to work with amazing people on very cool projects, and do more than my fair share of traveling to do so, which I  know makes me a very lucky girl. The trip was up there with the best of them – I’ve never really spent much time in wintry European cities, and I have to admit, Berlinlandia stole my heart. What a fantastic, melancholy, beautiful, romantic, complicated city. What amazing Lebanese food. What great beer. Sinc this was a work trip, I didn’t get to do the garden snooping that I usually manage to cram in, and I didn’t buy a single seed. But I saw some very cool balcony gardens:

It’s easy to forget in SA, where we have abundant space that very few of us actually use to it’s full potential, that you can still fill your life with living, lovely things in a tiny little space.

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One thought on “Where I’ve Been – Part 2

  1. Wow, I know those must be dedicated gardeners, to have that bit of green on a tiny balcony. I can’t imagine lugging up the dirt, plants, supplies up so many stairs…hope the building has an elevator! Very cheerful effect, thanks for sharing that photo.

    Christine in Alaska

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