Some of you might have noticed that this blog looks a little different these days. Change, as they say, is inevitable, and so it has come to pass that I’ve decided to revamp, remix and repurpose this little corner of the interwebs for my new blog. In part becuase I wanted it to reflect the changes in my day-to-day life, but mainly becuase it seems a little bit disingenuous to blog about gardens when I no longer have one.

See, about 6 months ago I kissed my seedlings, apricot tree and worms goodbye made the move to London-town, where I am now a full-time student of all things Digital. I’m doing an MA in Digital Asset Management at King’s College, London. It’s a fairly nebulous term to describe fascinating work, and I hope that this blog will be a place where I can talk about it a bit more.
Also, I am now officially the Community Manager for the Peer 2 Peer University, a wonderful organisation, staffed by amazing volunteers who do world-changing work. My job for them is complicated and exciting and involves a lot of community management and wrangling in what I think are quite unique circumstances. I hope to be able to blog about the things this work makes me think about here too.

I realise this is all a bit vague. Apologies. Hopefully some clarity will emerge as the posts add up. If, for some reason, you still visit this blog, I hope you’ll keep popping in. I promise to talk about gardens whenever I can!


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