Fact meets (wierd) fiction

It’s been a very BL-filled week so far  – and it’s only Tuesday!

Today, I received an email from the British Library, informing me that members of the Public and Commercial Services Union will be striking later this month, in protest to proposed changes to pension, pay and job cuts.  I’ve got no problem with this, and I support their right to strike. Go team!

The reason I think this news is blog-worthy, in fact, is because it ties in beautifully with my current book-obsession and literary crush China Mieville. I’m busy reading Kraken, a staggeringly fantastic book all about London (amongst other things). In it, the familiars of London’s magical underbelly go on strike, and there is a fabulous scene where protesting cats stage a picket outside the British Library. The leader of the strikers is a character called Wadi who emerged from Ancient Egypt to lead spirit-slaves throughout the ages. At one point, he inhabits the wonderful Eduardo Paolozzi sculpture of Newton (pictured above) and rallies the striking troops.

It all just fits together too perfectly for words…I think Mr Mieville was on to something.


Image: Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi, bronze sculpture Newton, after William Blake, 1995, in the piazza of the British Library, by Jake Keup on Flickr, CC BY 2.0